Fireside chat with Trey Dimsdale

Fireside Chat with Trey Dimsdale: Nietzsche, Modernity, and the Recovery of Conservatism

Date: January 21, 2023
Time: 5:00pm

Brought to you by Pilgrim Lutheran Church and The Pacifica Center for Philosophy + Theology

A fireside chat with Mr. Trey Dimsdale moderated by Pastor John Nunes, Ph.D.

The conservative understands himself as an inheritor of a tradition and a trustee of the present and who is thus obligated to preserve what he enjoys now for the benefit of future generations. Subtle philosophical shifts through Modernism have undermined the conservative disposition and imperiled our appreciation for tradition, our sense of place, and our ability to sacrifice in the present for the sake of the future. Anti-Christian philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche recognized the folly in Modernism well before the West ever felt the full effects of the shift. Despite the many ways in which Nietzsche has been misunderstood, his critiques of Modernism’s merger with Christianity make him the ideal non-Christian interlocutor to help us sort out the damage caused by Modernism and to have hope that we might recover the conservative disposition. 

Mr. Trey Dimsdale is the Executive Director of the Center for Religion, Culture and Democracy

Trey Dimsdale
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